Destiny is a short, simple, and immersive puzzle game. Your task is straightforward and classic: Pull the sword from the stone.  Why? I guess you'll find out.

 Play as each of three characters, each with their own set of tools and strengths. Select a tool and click on items in the scene to try and get the sword out of the stone. You can't mess up- even if your attempt doesn't work, you might just discover something else. Though you make choices about what you do and when, the narrative is eventually linear and you will uncover the whole story as you play.

Sound on, headphones recommended. If you use full screen and the scene doesn't fit, just use your browser's zoom in/out function: CMD +/- on a Mac, or CTRL +/- on a PC. 

Average play time: 20 - 40 minutes

Note: if the game is just a black screen for you, you might have session/local storage disabled. Try unblocking 3rd party cookies, switching browsers, or not using incognito mode


Destiny was built as a single page web app with Vue.js, and created with hand-painted watercolor art. The sound effects were created with Audacity, and the music is River Flute by Kevin MacLeod, used under CC License

This game is free! If you loved it, consider donating to the Black United Fund of Oregon

Thanks for playing. This is my first game, and I'd love constructive feedback on what worked for you and what didn't, if you have it.


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Well, with the farmhand, I've mostly figured out what to do with the food and shovel, but not quite gloves. Perhaps I could get a small hint on what to do

You’re headed in the right direction! Is there anything sharp (other than the sword) lying around that you might need gloves to pick up?

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This is similar to writing a FORTRAN program and linking functions from a mathematical library except you can see and hear them.  A job well done.  I knew if you learned your multiplication tables you'd be a star.  .js is so text intensive it reminds me of COBOL.  Think about writing your next game in Assembler.  Cool.


I love the ambiance and I love the approach of it being replayable three ways with three different solutions.  But my favorite detail is the way that each character has a slightly different understanding of the scene in a way that creates interplay between one character's observation of the scene and another character's successful strategies.

Ahh I’m so glad you picked up on that! That is so satisfying to hear. Thank you for playing.


Is it a little bit "click on everything until something works"?  Sure.  But it's very pretty, both visually and aurally.  The concept of replaying with different skills and thus different success methods really works for me, with its concept of coming to the task with different viewpoints.  And I love its ultimate message of peace and cooperation.  Plus: slightly sarcastic crows!

Looking forward to seeing what you do next!

Ha, yep, it definitely allows for a brute force approach, but I was also aiming for pretty so I’ll take that as a success! Thank you. Game #2 is in the works, so I appreciate the encouragement :)


I enjoyed that each character interacts with the same exact scene in a different way.

The music and sounds match very well with the theme, but best of all is, by far, the painting itself.

The only drawbacks are that sometime is difficult to hit the corret spot with the mouse and that is is waaaaay too short. :)

I agree, some of the click targets are a little small, especially if you’re not on a big screen. I’m delighted to hear that you liked the sound and the art! Thank you for playing, and for the feedback :)